About us

We are committed to supplying you with exceptional service. If you are looking to buy or sell we can help! We perform inspections throughout the Alexandria area.

Our services include home buyers inspections, house vendors inspections, brand-new building inspections, restoration inspections, home power efficiency inspections, electric panel as well as wiring inspections, roofing inspections, wind mitigation inspections and pool leakage detection.

We always place the interests of our clients first. We do not have any type of "special" connections with realty agents or insurance provider as well as always provide our clients the option of getting on the property throughout inspection.

Thermal image inspection is included with all of our inspections- business and residential. We use cutting-edge technology to bring you the most comprehensive inspection results. At Alexandria Inspections, we are devoted to supplying you with outstanding services; We ensure your house can be the house of your dreams.

  • Professional service from start to finish
  •  Latest technology.
  •  Trained and experienced eye
  •  Transparent
  • Fast report turnaround times
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